• VegeBon  Shrimp
  • VegeBon  Shrimp
  • VegeBon  Shrimp
  • VegeBon  Shrimp

VegeBon Shrimp

Vegetables can also be delicious, perfectly restore the classic Thai flavor ​​ • Made with non-basic modified soy protein. • Exclusive innovative technology, perfect restoration of Thai taste. • Healthy plant protein, no burden on health. • Just heat it up and eat it, and the food is served quickly. • SGS inspection certification, peace of mind and no worries.
Specification: 600g/bag
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U planted shrimp
Great news for those who want to eat seafood but are allergic to seafood
It is made of carefully selected konjac, and everything fried and fried is OK.

Q bombs are crispy and rich in taste, and the sweetness of the sea spreads in your mouth

Both taste and appearance are comparable to real prawns, no need to peel, easy to cook and delicious

Can be used in Japanese-style fried shrimp set meal / light cold salad / home-cooked fried rice

Have you ever eaten vegetarian seafood?

U-planted prawns make vegetable dishes richer



Product Name: U Planted Prawns (Vegan)       
Raw material:
Water, Distarch Hydroxypropyl Phosphate, Distarch Phosphate, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Konjac Powder, Starch Acetate, Salt, Wheat Fiber, Cardlan Gum, Sweetener (D-Sorbitol), Sodium L-Glutamate, Yeast Powder, Sodium Octenylsuccinate Starch, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Oxide, Disodium 5'-Inosine Phosphate, Disodium 5'-Guanosine Phosphate, Fragrance, Paprika, Carbonic Acid sodium.

Allergen Information: This product contains wheat. The equipment or production pipelines of this production process plant can process milk, soybeans, eggs, and sesame.           Vegan


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