Shengde Temple Prepares A Vegan Banquet with VégéBon

The kind brothers and sisters of Shengde Temple used VégéBon products to prepare a vegan banquet. With VégéBon’s plant-based minced meat, some cabbages, mushroom, they made dumplings without having to add in extra seasoning. They chatted as they were making the dumplings, savoring the delightful moment as the aroma filled the air and made their mouths water.



In addition to dumplings, they also prepared some cold vegan shrimp dishes, plant-based chicken nuggets, and plant-based burger patties. Every participant enjoyed the scrumptious meal.




The team from VégéBon had a wonderful time with the brothers and sisters of Shengde(聖德) Temple, and we also learned a variety of cooking methods from them. We truly appreciate this opportunity and are all looking forward to the next banquet.
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