VégeBon’s Product Launch

Since its establishment in 2019, VégéBon seen raising health awareness in the food industry as its mission. They aim at achieving all of these four aspects in their products "delicious, nutritious, convenient, and affordable". They are determined to create a new era of all-plant diet which offers better choices and a healthier, more convenient lifestyle.


Vegan Diet is the new international trend!

VégéBon’s product is mainly about plant-based diets, and its founder, Dr. Shengwu Ye(葉省吾), graduated from the department of Food Science, in University of Illinois. He participated in the International Soybean Program where soybean professionals gather around from all over the world to learn and research about the latest Soybean processing technology and knowledge. As a pioneer in plant food, VégéBon wants to bring a delicious and nutritious diet to the Taiwanese people.


Dr. Fred of the Illinois Food Institute has long-ago proposed that "trans fats can cause cardiovascular problems". This theory has contributed to human health and medicine. The founder, Dr. Ye, also deeply agrees that the severe impact of trans fats on human health.

Soybean oil is composed of 20% of unsaturated fatty acids, 40% of plant protein which is the most complete source of plant protein nutrition, and many other essential nutrients such as vitamin E etc. With these abundant nutrients, Dr. Ye wondered why there wasn’t any product in the market that could provide consumers complete nutritional value of soybeans?


VégéBon developed steadily and insisted on ​​doing the right thing for food safety rather than seizing market opportunities. Healthy nutrition is no longer a slogan of the food industry. With continuous research and development, a shareholders meeting was held on July 15 2021, where VégéBon cooperated with the orthodox Italian restaurant, Trattoria di Primo and served shareholders thick cuts of plant meat and various plant-based dishes such as caesar chicken salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, hamburger steak, borscht, and three flavors of fried chicken nuggets.


Each dish surprised the shareholders at how varied and delicious plant-based diets can be! These dishes had neither heavy bean flavor, nor the unnatural taste from chemical process.


VégéBon mission is to : "Provide nutritious, delicious, convenient, and affordable products to the consumers and the market." In the end, VégéBon hopes to become the leading brand of plant-based diets as the best choice for taste and nutrition.. With our professional knowledge and experience, VégéBon looks forward to partner with Taiwan’s profound agriculture technology to become a pioneer in plant-based foods, while spreading Taiwan's name worldwide.

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